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Nine Steps to Featuring Customer Successes on Your Business Blog»

Feb 10, 2009; Category: Business, Guest Post, Marketing; Tags: , , , ; Comments Off

This is a Guest Post by Casey Hibbard of Compelling Cases Inc., author of Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset. For more tips on creating and using customer stories, sign up for her monthly e-tip or get RSS feeds for her Stories That Sell blog. Running interviews […]

Lessons from General Custer: Why Should You Have a Business Blog?»

Feb 3, 2009; Category: Business, Marketing, Zeitgeist; Tags: , , , ; 4 Comments

There’s much talk and growing evidence that businesses that blog are realizing business benefits, including increased sales. Most business owners I talk to, however, are hesitant. They’ve heard about the "next big thing" before, so they’re not ready to get excited about blogging, and they have business to tend to. Their lack of excitement often […]

How Some Businesses Thrive in Poor Economies»

Dec 13, 2008; Category: Marketing, Zeitgeist; Tags: , ; Comments Off

If you’re not at least a little concerned about the economy and what it might mean to your business, you just haven’t been paying attention. On the other hand, this is no time to panic. Some businesses thrive in slow times, and not because they sell tin cups or hand-lettered "will work for food" signs. […]