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Lessons from General Custer: Why Should You Have a Business Blog?»

Feb 3, 2009; Category: Business, Marketing, Zeitgeist; Tags: , , , ; 4 Comments

There’s much talk and growing evidence that businesses that blog are realizing business benefits, including increased sales. Most business owners I talk to, however, are hesitant. They’ve heard about the "next big thing" before, so they’re not ready to get excited about blogging, and they have business to tend to. Their lack of excitement often […]

The Pace of Change: What’s it Mean?»

Jan 7, 2009; Category: Video, Zeitgeist; Tags: , , ; Comments Off

Many of you may have seen this. It’s a 2009, Americanized update of a video from mid-2007, originally produced for a British audience. What’s it mean? That’s the question left hanging at the end of the video. Share your thoughts.