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Getting Started with Google Analytics»

Nov 29, 2009; Category: Marketing, Search/SEO, Video; Tags: None; Comments Off

Google Analytics is one of the simplest and quickest ways to understand what is happening with your website. This video, from WordPress, explains how and why to create a Google Analytics account and how to use it.

The Social Media Revolution: Still Think It’s a Fad?»

Oct 5, 2009; Category: Marketing, Video, Zeitgeist; Tags: , , , ; Comments Off

This video, from Erik Qualman of socialnomics.net, purposely looks and sounds a lot like the most recent version of "Did You Know", an earlier version of which was published on EvoBloggito in January 2009. The video above is about social media as a means of engaging customers. If you’re in business, you need to watch […]

Seth Godin Clip: No One Cares About You»

May 19, 2009; Category: Blogging, Business, Communication, Marketing, Video; Tags: , , ; Comments Off

Time for another (nearly) regular Seth Godin feature video. This one is short and simple, and addresses a really important concept for bloggers (and really, all business owners) to understand: people are looking for solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. Provide them and you will have an audience (or customers). Provide them […]