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Google Offers Fresh Advice on SEO»

Sep 29, 2010; Category: Business, Search/SEO, WordPress; Tags: , , ; Comments Off

Google gets a bit cute (the idea for the “Googlebot” holding flowers comes from a post on Google’s blog entitled First Date with the Googlebot; unless you’re kind of a geek, don’t bother reading the post), but they offer some solid advice in their recently updated Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. If you care about […]

If My Reader Could Contain Only 10 Feeds»

Dec 25, 2009; Category: Blogging, Business, Communication, Design/Development, Marketing, Search/SEO; Tags: , , , ; Comments Off

I have a lot of blogs and news sources in my reader. So many I can’t possibly read them all every day and stil get any work done. But there are relatively few I consider indispensable, and on the face of it, they don’t seem to have a lot in common. Subject-matter-wise, they’re all over […]

Getting Started with Google Analytics»

Nov 29, 2009; Category: Marketing, Search/SEO, Video; Tags: None; Comments Off

Google Analytics is one of the simplest and quickest ways to understand what is happening with your website. This video, from WordPress, explains how and why to create a Google Analytics account and how to use it.

Fear of Blogging, and the Opportunity it Creates for People Who Aren’t Like Most People»

Oct 20, 2009; Category: Blogging, Business, Search/SEO, Zeitgeist; Tags: , , ; One Comment

According to Seth Godin, there are two reasons people don’t buy (or do) things: 1. They don’t know about it. 2. They’re afraid of it. If you don’t know about blogging and the substantial benefits it can bring to your business, that’s at least partly my fault. My business, and my mission, is to help […]

ALL Small Business Websites Should be on a Blog Platform»

Oct 19, 2009; Category: Blogging, Business, Content Management System, Marketing, Search/SEO; Tags: , , ; 4 Comments

OK, there are probably a few exceptions to that statement. But for the most part, small businesses—say, 98%—that have either static websites or websites that are separate from their blogs are missing out on two huge advantages: search engine traffic an inexpensive, easy-to-use content management system Search Engine Traffic and SEO Attracting search engine traffic […]

Do Static, Set-it-and-Forget-it Websites Still Have Value?»

Jul 14, 2009; Category: Marketing, Search/SEO, Zeitgeist; Tags: , , ; Comments Off

It seems as though this question could be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” (I would argue “no”), but a conversation I had yesterday with Chris Madrid of New Mexico Community Capital’s IMPACT New Mexico program helped me understand two things: 1) that a static website can still have some value as an “online […]