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Seth Godin’s Book Roundup»

Sep 9, 2009; Category: Book Review; Tags: , , ; Comments Off

Take a look at Seth Godin’s Book Roundup, a list of mostly business and marketing books, but even those that are not have some application to business and marketing. No doubt the list could be longer, but this is what Seth has been reading. I’d like to mention another book that I think deserves your […]

Book Review: Tribes by Seth Godin»

Mar 15, 2009; Category: Book Review, Business, Marketing, Zeitgeist; Tags: , ; Comments Off

I’m guessing Seth Godin, like the rest of us, is completely capable of not thinking clearly on occasion and saying dumb things. But you won’t find evidence of that in Tribes, a book in which he has clearly and compellingly laid out what it takes to be successful in marketing in 2009. In this little […]