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To Blog or Not to Blog: What Your Company Should Consider Before Jumping onto the Blogging Bandwagon»

Jul 8, 2009; Category: Blogging, Business, Communication, Marketing, Search/SEO; Tags: , ; One Comment

If you’re struggling with whether or not to launch a blog, you need to download and read this whitepaper. Sometimes the hardest part of blogging is making the decision to do it. That can be especially true for companies, where it may be necessary to get buy-in from several stakeholders across multiple departments in multiple […]

Jumping on the Blogging Bandwagon, or Not»

Jul 4, 2009; Category: Blogging, Marketing, Search/SEO; Tags: , , ; Comments Off

Bandwagons are lots of fun to jump onto: there are usually a lot of upbeat, excited people already there. Many of them are convinced the bandwagon is taking them to a lovely, special place where their dreams will be fulfilled. And possibly they will be. The problem is, when people are in a state of […]

Your Business Website as a Garden: For Show or Food?»

Jun 24, 2009; Category: Blogging, Business, Marketing, Search/SEO, Zeitgeist; Tags: , ; 2 Comments

People have gardens for different reasons. There are flower gardens, usually out front where passersby can easily see them, which are meant to provide enjoyment or present a certain "look" to the neighborhood and to the people who live there. And there are vegetable gardens, which provide food. If your vegetable garden is a hobby, […]

Seth Godin Clip: No One Cares About You»

May 19, 2009; Category: Blogging, Business, Communication, Marketing, Video; Tags: , , ; Comments Off

Time for another (nearly) regular Seth Godin feature video. This one is short and simple, and addresses a really important concept for bloggers (and really, all business owners) to understand: people are looking for solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. Provide them and you will have an audience (or customers). Provide them […]