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WordCamp Maine 2014: Just Another WordPress Designer/Developer»

Aug 16, 2014; Category: Uncategorized; Tags: None; Comments Off

There are so many designers and developers with WordPress skills (at all levels) freelancing; sometimes it seems the old saw, “can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one” applies. But most freelancers won’t freelance for very long. Their lack of understanding of, or inexperience in business keeps them from being successful. This presentation hopes to […]

Making Microsoft Internet Explorer Behave»

Oct 4, 2013; Category: Code; Tags: , ; Comments Off

I’ve heard that IE9 and IE10 are supposed to be compliant with web standards, particularly IE10. And according to the browser emulation tool I use, and according to most people who use these browsers, that seems to be the case.

Yes Virginia, Gmail accounts can be hacked and hijacked»

Dec 25, 2012; Category: Zeitgeist; Tags: , ; Comments Off

Today, Christmas day (hence the lame Christmas-related post title), my Gmail account was hijacked and used to send spam to (apparently) my entire Gmail contact list. I have no idea how it was done, or exactly when, because I was not paying much attention to email today.