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Lessons from General Custer: Why Should You Have a Business Blog?»

Feb 3, 2009; Category: Business, Marketing, Zeitgeist; Tags: , , , ; 4 Comments

There’s much talk and growing evidence that businesses that blog are realizing business benefits, including increased sales. Most business owners I talk to, however, are hesitant. They’ve heard about the "next big thing" before, so they’re not ready to get excited about blogging, and they have business to tend to. Their lack of excitement often […]

Reducing Development Time by Effective Planning in Multiple Team-Member Development»

Feb 1, 2009; Category: Business, Design/Development; Tags: , ; Comments Off

When developing a website or web application on your own—or with another person you’re used to working with—planning can be pretty informal without endangering the project. When you find yourself in a project that includes several team members, however, more formal attention to planning becomes critical. Effective planning prior to development can reduce development time, […]